Government Degree College, Yeleswaram was established in the Year 2009, as per G.O. Ms. No. 22 Dated 28-02-2009 based on the representations of various People’s Representatives. It is located in East Godavari District and 60 Kilometres away from the District Head quarters Kakinada. People of Yeleswaram in and around mostly depend on Agriculture. Government Degree College, Yeleswaram is affiliated to Andhra University and Adikavi Nannaya University and gave permission to start four Conventional courses viz., B.A (History, Economics and politics), B.Com. General, and B.Sc (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry) & B.Sc. (Botany, Zoology and Chemistry) from the academic year 2009-10 onwards.
East Godavari district is a residuary portion of the old Godavari District after West Godavari District was separated in 1925. As the name of the district conveys, East Godavari District is closely associated with the river Godavari, occupying a major portion of the delta area. The Headquarters of the District is located at Kakinada. East Godavari District lies North – East Coast of Andhra Pradesh and bounded on the North by Visakhapatnam District and the State of Orissa, on the East and the South by the Bay of Bengal and on the West by Khammam and West Godavari Districts. Area of the District is 10,807 Sq. Kms. The District is located between Northern latitudes of 16o 30′ and 18o 20′ and between the Eastern longitudes of 81o 30′ and 82o 30′. It has a population of 48.73 lakhs as per 2001 Census. The District consisting of 5 Revenue Divisions viz., Kakinada, Rajahmundry, Peddapuram, Rampachodavaram and Amalapuram.
East Godavari District can be broadly classified into three natural divisions namely the Delta, Upland and Agency or hill tracts. The general elevation of the district varies from a few meters near the sea to about 300 meters in the hills of the agency. The Eastern Ghats rise by gradations from the level of the coast and spread throughout the erstwhile agency Taluks of Rampachodavaram and Yellavaram. The delta portion constituting the whole of Konaseema and portions of Kakinada, Ramachandrapuram and Rajahmundry erstwhile Taluks, presents a vast expanse of rice-fields surrounded by plantain, betel, coconut gardens and innumerable palmyrahs. The erstwhile Taluks of Tuni, Pithapuram, Peddapuram and Portions of Kakinada, Ramachandrapuram and Rajahmundry constitute the upland areas. The main soils in the district are alluvial (clay loamy) red soil, sandy loam and sandy clay. There is mostly alluvial soil in Godavari delta and sandy clay soil at the tail end portions of Godavari river, red loamy soil in upland and agency area of the district.
East Godavari is the one of the districts of Andhra Pradesh, where you can find lot many visiting places such as Historical Temples, Natural Sceneries and Nurseries etc. The Historical temples are located at Ainavalli, Annavaram, Antharvedi, Appanapalli, Biccavolu, Dowleswaram, Draksharamam, G.Mamidada, Korukonda, Kotipalli, Mandapalli, Muramalla, Palivela, Pithapuram, Rajahmundry, Ryali, Samalkota, Sarpavaram, Tuni and vanapalli. In these temples most of the temples having “Swayam Bhu” status of the lords and having their own “Stala Purana (History of the Place)”. You can find great natural sceneries at a small village know as Coringa. And you can find world famous nurseries at Kadiapulanka.

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