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   "Education is the Passport to the future,for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."
 Friends,We rightly understand the inner feelings and concerns  of students  and parent  community. The analysis of prevailing local socio-economic and socio-cultural  conditions inferred that 95% of parent community of students of this institution are low-income class farmers. Further, the 95% of the students pursuing education here are first generation educated. Some of  them carry out agricultural works or part-time jobs  in order to support the parental incomes. So both the student community as well as their parents  aspire for early settlement of lives, especially through Government jobs. We understood this situation and hence devised unique plan.

We always feel that the end of the education is  not rolling out students with only certificates in hands without any knowledge, skill, character, values etc., like products from a factory, who can’t sell themselves in the present-day job market nor grabbing a P.G. seat in University or any other premier institution. It has  been observed  that a huge gap exists between the expected learning outcomes and present scenario and there is dire need  for bridging the  gaps in realizing expected  learning  outcomes on its way to provide skilled-work force  to the nation and the world. We intend to achieve it through our  uniquely designed  EMPLOYABLE SKILL DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK [ESDF]. Under this framework, we are now offering two programmes with job potential called Market Oriented Courses , B.Sc (Mathematics, Electronics & Internet of Things) and B.Z.C [Horticulture, Botany & Chemistry], B.Voc (Hotel Management) and B.Voc (Nursery Management  Technology)  from the  year 2020-21.

ESDF  envisages effective  concept based  curriculum delivery; quality pedagogical and higher – order learning  methods; quality teachers; robust evaluation system; skill development; research –based  learning; deployment of quality resources; offering training in industry required skills; provide coaching for various competitive  examinations; adoption and integration of advanced  technology into the pedagogy and learning system.

The 21st century poses multitude of challenges to the HEIs and student community too. We are very much aware of the fact that unless we face the changes taking place in the global higher education landscape, rather than changing the face, we can’t survive. Taking cudgels from this, the college is spearheading ahead in offering quality holistic education to all the student community that enters into its portals in order to make them potential candidates for contributing to the national development of this great nation and the world.

We are not  oblivious to the fact that pretty and lofty promises  won’t work and  yield expected  results unless we work out relentlessly to make our students well-rounded human resources. Hence, its our constant endeavour not  only to roll-out industry-ready, skilled, character-studded; resilient; rational; creative and innovative students but also human resources with  higher order cognitive abilities such as positive attitude; critical thinking and problem solving and emotional capabilities. Besides, we  leave no stone unturned to make students aware of constitutional values; promotion of culture; fostering equality; promoting environmental consciousness; social justice etc., which are  cornerstones of our democracy. We assure you that we work towards realizing these ends by our well designed Curricular Pedagogical Framework [CPF] which is deployed to attain programme-specific learning outcomes; graduate attributes such as  Critical and creative inquiry and discourse; Self directed and life-long learning; Tackling novel situations and ill-defined problems; Critical self-reflection and greater understanding of others; Communication and collaboration; Intercultural communication; multicultural understanding and global citizenship; Leadership and advocacy for the improvement of the human condition etc., to make students equip with such necessary skills making them sparkle in the employment landscape.

Friends, in order to realize the goals, we assure you we deploy all our resource- both physical and human existing in the college and on its  way improving standards of pedagogy and procuring additional infrastructure to meet the goals.

We observed  the lacunae in our education system, learning  through lower-order learning  methods such as  rote learning and rote learning  only for getting through examinations. Our pedagogical system is designed such that it teaches the students  “learn how to learn”  and delivery curriculum through higher-order learning techniques such as  experiential & participative learning; learning through debates; research; peer groups; independent learning  etc. We assure you that we offer quality education, by integrating higher-order learning techniques with pedagogy by focussing on conceptual understanding, eliminating lower-order learning methods, which is the need of the hour.

Our strategy includes identifying students with different levels of learning basing on the well-planned  cognitive skill assessment techniques and inherent obstacles  and designing an apt pedagogical and  evaluation methods, employ them and making the students circumvent their obstacles and join the advanced  learners. Our unique student-friendly mentoring and peer-learning systems are designed to focus personal attention on each student making  them improve cognitive and  learning skills. We endeavour not only to bring out innate talents  of the  students but also nurture and foster them.

In order to provide inclusive education, we assure you provide sufficient amenities for different categories of people, especially, to divayangajans.

We are aware that   students with  physical fitness, health, well-being  and peace of mind have the  ability to focus on studies well. Towards meeting this end, sports and games are made an integral part of our curriculum delivery. Efforts  are  put  in place to achieve  them through yoga, gymnasium and regular sports and games sessions and competitions.

Our innovate, hardworking teaching community is the centre for imparting quality education. We adopt a two-pronged  approach  - staff are empowered by providing  opportunities to upgrade and  refurbish their pedagogical skills through Faculty Development Programmes; On the other  hand, an  ecosystem has  been provided that helps build their career by providing  necessary infrastructure and  funding to  engage  themselves in research to gain high-level knowledge; funding to attend  seminars, workshops, conferences  etc., in order to  update their  domain knowledge. Further, conducive working conditions and service conditions are also provided to  all the faculty members as they are the front-line staff in the delivery of quality education.

We assure that  our enriched learning environment will leave all students experience higher-order learning level and enthral student community. Our extensive integration of the technology with the pedagogy & curriculum delivery is the hallmark of our transaction of teaching – learning business. The state-of – the art three interactive board-studded digital class  rooms; Virtual Class rooms and  e-class rooms help not only provide  good  learning experience  but also in better understand the concept through ppts, video lessons; Learning  Management Systems [LMS]. Its our endeavour to facilitate curriculum delivery by world renowned  scientists and  Professors through our ICT infrastructure. We are proud to announce that now we have procured technology for delivery of classes online too. All faculty members are adequately trained up to handle online classes too. Flexibility in curriculum delivery is  another flagship programme our college. If any student misses out the opportunity/ could not attend to listen to any class, the same class would be delivered online even out of college hours at their homes and convenient times.

 Further, we are aware that its student-centric teaching is the need of the our, rather  than teacher-spoken curriculum delivery. In order to realize  this, we impress  upon students active engagement of students  in each  level of  learning and help them secure knowledge and skills  experientially through demonstrations, lab equipment; research projects; team project help provide and make students.

We are not static. We  are  constantly upgrading and  expanding our programmes. We are offering two now continuing with three Post  Graduation Programmes – M.Sc ( Computer Science), M. Com & M.A ( Political Science) from the year 2020-21 which will give  more  wings  to the student community of this area in terms of more job prospects and avenues for more incomes.

We have  been constantly upgrading our learning  resources and  laboratory equipment. The library is annually strengthened by purchasing latest  books so as to provide better  access to quality Physical. Besides automation, and digital resources  such as e-books, e-journals are   also made  available to the students and staff through  INFLIBNET facility for access to latest  quality learning resources. Laboratory equipment is being constantly upgraded and latest equipment is being procured to provide better experiential learning and better understanding of the concept.

The training and placement wing – Jawahar  Knowledge Centre [JKC] has been strengthened  by providing necessary ICT infrastructure- computers; LAN, Wifi. It is engaged  in the process of training  students in employable skills such as technical, analytical, communication and soft skills  required for industry. Further, in order to providing coaching  to the aspirants of Public Services exams  such as UPSC, APPSC, SSC etc., and to improving capacities of staff, a dedicated  “Centre for Capacity Building” was established  during 2019-20.

Our research policy is aimed at empowering staff as well as students in the area of research. The newly established “CERNA”[Centre for Research in Nano and Advanced  Materials] is being equipped with articles  sufficient for  carrying out basic research that can enable staff publish research papers. Further, it  is established  so as to enable  students  perform basic research project  in science. It  also paves  the way for developing scientific temper in the student community as it helps learn the concept by doing, one of  the higher-order learning techniques.

We acknowledge the existing  little scope for element  of innovation and obstacles  for metamorphosing  an enthusiastic student into potential entrepreneur in our institutions. In order to circumvent this lacunae  and empower students  with necessary skills, we have  created Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship [CI2E] during 2019-20. This centre not only makes students intellectually inquisitive but also may roll out potential entrepreneurs who can become an integral part of mission $ 5  trillion economy by 2025.

Our robust evaluation system carved out a niche itself for assessing the formative knowledge and skills of the students with less emphasis on summative assessment. The system is individualized in terms of adopting different evaluation systems keeping in view the different learning capabilities  of  the students duly ensuing that the system is transparent.

Community service is another flagship programme of our institution. Every student, who step into portals of this temple of learning, will be rolled out as a  responsible  citizen who is capable of understanding social problems and with capability to come out tangible  solutions  to the  problems  the  society is facing, thus making the student an integral part of society through rendering social and community service.

We understand that education is a public service and we are accountable. Besides  students Staff & alumni,  public community & philanthropists  also take part in decision making in order to provide better governance – both administrative  and financial, in the interest of the institution.

The policy of this  institution, since its inception, is to empower women students  to ensure equality in opportunity and access to education for all. Its  not  only our motto to provide employable skills  to women students  but also secure them protection and provide necessary amenities in the  campus. The Women Empowerment Cell is  on its way in making strenuous efforts  to remove gender-based obstacles through its gender awareness  and empowerment and training  programmes.

We promise  you that you feel welcomed, cared, safe  and stimulating learning ambience in the campus. We assure you transparent, efficient and good administration and governance.

In a nutshell, we solemnly pledge  that we, through our framework,  assure you flexible curriculum; Activity and enquiry based  learning; development of employable skills; develop cognitive, social, emotional  and ethical capabilities; develop sensitivity, courtesy, good  behaviour; cleanliness and hygiene etc., - a WELL-ROUNDED PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT.


We assure you we live upto the realization of the goals set for ourselves…



Thanking you,

1 August 2020









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